On the Prowl for Internet Marketing Divas

On the Prowl for Internet Marketing Divas

What do y’ll think of the new tagline? “The Divas of Internet Marketing“. Lol, a bit tongue in cheek, but if the guys can be gurus, we can be Divas. which of course is fine, cos at heart, we’re all divas anyway.

Now that I’m back from my holidays it’s time to get this site up and running and get all the IM Divas to take a break from shopping and come share their marketing secrets with y’all.

We already have Anita on board. (Anita, put down that Photoshop and get your page up girl!) And today, I’ve just spoken with a very dear friend of mine Cenay, who has also agreed to share her wisdom with you guys. (Boy, you lot don’t know how lucky you are to have all us gorgeous, young, talented ladies vying to give you the best Internet Marketing tips on the planet.)

Funny thing is, Cenay was asking a lot of questions to which I couldn’t give answers. And the reason I couldn’t provide answers was because the site was set up on a whim. You know when you have an idea and you just run with it?

Great in principle. In practise, not so great. Here’s a tip for you guys out there if you’re wanting to set up a website to market your stuff online. Plan it first! Planning is one of those internet marketing basics. It’s not glamorous or sexy, but it’s what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Hopefully, you (and Google) won’t hold against us the fact that we’re kind of doing this on the fly.

Meantime, I’m off to continue the hunt for more marketing maidens (damn, maybe we should use that instead of divas?) who are willing to share their internet marketing secrets with you.

Stay tuned. :)



  1. Extra! Extra! Read all about it… Anita put her profile page up! http://imladies.com/anita-cross/ :)

    And we have a new Diva, Tina! Tina should be adding her profile page soon.

    Tina, petal, we are all so happy you agreed to join us!

    • Haha, just hope she doesn’t take as long as you do!

      Yup, the Divas are coming folks. Things are going to get mighty interesting round these parts. :)

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