Anita Cross

Anita Cross, Internet Marketer

Old Enough To Know Better…

I guess I’m the “old-timer” among the Divas here, as I’ve been marketing online for more than fifteen years, since the end of 1995.

That’s really me in the picture, by the way, although that was taken when I was 45, +/- a year or two. But I’m not saying how long ago that was. I figure if Ann Landers, Dear Abby, and Betty Crocker can present a youthful public face for professional reasons, then what the hell. So can I!

My Internet Background

I got started with online marketing when the small electronics firm I worked for decided to put up a website. As I was already creating our advertising on my computer, it wasn’t much of a stretch to morph into the webmaster.

(OMG what an amateurish looking site that was, too! By today’s standards, anyway.)

Consequently, I was doing internet marketing before there was an IM niche, doing SEO before the term was coined, put the company site on Yahoo while it was still free, and started using Google while it was still a start-up.

Over the years, I read anything I could get my eyes on about online marketing and search engine optimization. I quickly discovered there was a lot of conflicting information out there. Without the constraints of print publishing, anyone could say just about anything. And believe me, they did. It’s amazing how much of that misinformation is still floating around out there in cyberspace.

Call Of The Wild

I started Call Of The Wild in October 1999, and put up the first website of my own, the following Spring. It was a part-time endeavor to start with, and while I learned a lot from it, the site wasn’t nearly as successful as I had hoped. (Sound familiar?)

During the early years of Call Of The Wild, I worked for a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and handled the SEO needs of their clients, as well as site maintenance and the occasional simple site design. I left the ISP in November 2003, and have been self-employed ever since.

Although I bill myself as an iMarketing Consultant, I think of myself more as a website mechanic. I’m the one you call when you need anything from a tune up, to a major overhaul.

The Devil Is In The Details!

I’ve always been very detail oriented. Sometimes that works against me, but most of the time, it proves to be an advantage. In the larger picture, it’s the little things that come back to bite you.

Of course, that means I can be a real pain in the backside for clients, who often get so caught up in their vision, they forget about things like ‘affiliate disclaimers’, ‘privacy policies’ and the like.

Sites I Own and Maintain

One way to get to know someone is to see for yourself what makes them love to get up every morning. So, here’s a sample of my own web sites – I like having a creative outlet. I’m not much good at drawing or painting, so I turned to photography. I’ve made some of my photography available as royalty free stock photography at Call Of The Wild Photo. That site went live in 2000. – The silk plant cleaner, Simply Silk, disappeared from the local shelves. I love this product, so I went searching online. I couldn’t find it retail, but I was able to buy it wholesale in quantity. It turned out to be a smart move, and I now sell Simply Silk, silk plant cleaner on an osCommerce powered site. I started that site in 2006. – This is my vanity site. I registered the domain in 2002, but ended up not using it. I liked the name, so I held onto it, and recently I decided to put up a wordpress blog and start featuring a variety of web videos I like. Zoo’s Views went live this past February (2011). – This site is still under development. It turns out a lot of people like my speaking voice, and a number of them convinced me to add “voice talent” to my list of business services. With their help, I came up with the pseudonym Lorraine Adair for my voice talent persona. The idea is that I can later sell that part of my business, and the new owner can just step in without needing to re-brand the service. I’ll add a live link to the site once it’s ready for prime time.

And Then There’s Squidoo

Several years ago, I signed up as a “Lensmaster” at Squidoo. I created on page, lens, to help promote and pretty much did nothing else with it. Well, aside from adding a video I created about Simply Silk.

However, lately, I’ve gotten active over there and now how several published lenses, with plans for several more. To date, my best lens is on the search for a new cat tree for our four cats. You can find all my lenses by visiting my Lensmaster Profile.

You Want Me To Do What?

Getting me to write about myself is about like pulling teeth from a crocodile. Ask San.

I’d much rather write about marketing, and SEO and graphics and code and… But the deal was, first the profile page, then marketing posts. So now that I’ve got my profile page up, I get to do what I really want: share what I’ve learned about this amazing world of online marketing.

Viva la internet!

Anita Cross

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