Kozzi.com – An Open Letter To Dan K.

Kozzi.com – An Open Letter To Dan K.

It’s really a shame to see a good service go bad, but what’s a Diva to do?

Why is it so hard for people in business to understand that once they have lost the trust of clients and customers, it is all but impossible to get it back?

Over the years, I’ve discovered the words of Luke 16:10 to hold true more often than not.

People tend to be honest, or dishonest, in both the little things and the big things. And it is foolish to believe that a man, or business, that has broken trust with you once, won’t break trust with you again.

“The man who is honest in a very small matter is honest in a great one also; and he who is dishonest in a very small matter is dishonest in a great one also.” ~Luke 16:10, Weymouth New Testament.

Case in point is Kozzi.com, who decided to change the pricing structure of their media site, and terminated all paid subscriptions regardless of the time left for those subscriptions. Dan K only emailed us about it after the fact, after receiving complaints from paid members who were unable to access the media they had paid for.

This post is in response to the email I received today. [image]


I entered into a contract with you March 27, 2012. On June 28, barely 3 months later, you informed me my account had been closed, because you were changing the pricing structure on the site. I responded with a demand that you honor the terms of our contract. Instead, you refunded my subscription price, apparently assuming that returning my money would “fix it.”

You assumed wrong.

I didn’t want my money back. I wanted the service I had, in good faith, trusted you to provide me when I entered into a contract with you by purchasing an annual subscription for the assorted media on Kozzi.com.

Nothing short of honoring that commitment would, or will, “fix it.” If you were a US business, I would have filed suit for breach of contract. I would not have been alone.

Your email dated today, August 27, 2012, is insulting.

People who paid for the service, and had that service terminated, were not “saddened that such an affordable stock site had ended its program”. We were livid. Livid about the breach of contract, and livid that a resource we had secured by paying ahead was being ripped away. It felt no different than if you had broken into our homes and stolen our property.

I further question whether you actually refunded everyone. I suspect you only refund those who complained.

We like doing business with people we trust.

You really blew it. All those people who had accounts in good standing would now be your strongest advocates had you honored your commitment to the end of the term we had prepaid.

Better yet, if you allowed us to continue to renew our subscriptions at the price we had signed up for until such time as we let them expired, you would have had a loyal force of customers who would be happy to recommend you to their friends and colleagues at every opportunity.

We like doing business with people we can trust. But your former premium subscribers do not trust you. Not the ones I have talked with, anyway.

How can we be sure that you won’t make further changes that put our businesses in jeopardy? How do we know that an image we purchased one week, won’t have a licensing change the next? A change that makes the use we purchased the image for, a use that was acceptable when we purchased it, a copyright infringement going forward.

And now you want us to trust you, and to give you more of our hard earned money, to purchase the same media on qualitystockphotos.com and affordablevideo.com that you also have on Kozzi.com!

The first question that comes to mind is, have you ruined the reputation of Kozzi.com so thoroughly that you feel the need to open new websites in order to ensnare the unwary?

I do NOT want to do business with you. I do NOT trust you. And I will NOT recommend you to anyone. Ever. Friend or foe.

There is a right way to handle the growth of your business. And there is a wrong way. Anytime you break trust with your existing clients and customers, and alienate them as Kozzi.com has done, you are going about it in the wrong way.

There will be follow up posts on this topic, with specific suggestions on how to make changes that help you grow your online business, and keep your existing customers happy at the same time.


Disclaimer: This post is based solely on my own opinions of the events that took place. The subscription purchase and later refund were made through Paypal and are documented. I have all the emails I have received from Kozzi, as well.

Anita Cross


  1. Anita, Kozzi sucks. They were playing games with changing terms all along. I’d signed up for the free account when the terms were that I got so many images per day, free for ‘commercial use.’

    Then they changed that, and free could not be used for commercial.

    So I paid the $4.95 per month, and then they changed those terms too.

    It is actually a ‘breach of contract.’ This is why I stick to doing business with other US based businesses as much as possible and within my own state as often as possible. He could still get sued, even if he is in Canada, and he should, but it’s going to take a ‘collective’ effort.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for commenting. I hope more people who were screwed by Kozzi’s bad business practices will find this post and add a quick blurb about their experience as well.

      It saddened me to hear of a certain respected blogger who emailed her list with a positive endorsement of Kozzi. With Dan K’s track record, those people will end up feeling as we do, sooner or later.

      Sadly, when that time comes, the gal who endorsed it will have her reputation tarnished because of that.

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