Writer’s Live Chat, House Rules

The ‘House Rules,’ or guideline, exist because experience shows that they are necessary.

These guidelines are intended to keep Writer’s Live Chat an environment where professionals and amateur alike feel confident and comfortable. These guidelines will be revised as necessary.

  • Nudity is inappropriate–either on camera, or through links in text chat–so don’t do it.
  • In any open discussion, it is inevitable that people will disagree about one thing or another. We recognize that an argumentative discussion has merit, however, personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Please use your first and last name when logging in.
    Of course, if you are known by another name, such as a nickname or middle name or pen name, feel free to use that instead. Other accepted variations include your forum handle in quotes. Examples: “Skittles” Anita Cross, Anita “Skittles” Cross, Anita Cross “Skittles”.
  • If you’re “lookin’ for love”, you’re in the wrong room. If you cross the line into “creepy”, you will be removed from the room.

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