Live Chat Comes To

Live Chat Comes To

IM Ladies is happy to announce we are the proud home of International Marketing Chat (IMC.)

The newly formed chat meets every Saturday at 9:00 pm GMT, a time that is more convenient for our peers on the old world side of the Atlantic Ocean. The chat is hosted by our own Diva, Anita Cross (me), and runs for up to 4 hours.

How did IMC come about? Well, a lot of us hang out at another marketing chat on Saturdays, but the time is difficult for just about anyone who isn’t in the United States. A group of ladies, including a couple Divas, were hanging out in a Skype group, and one thing led to another… and International Marketing Chat was born!

Here are a few things you should know

  • Men are welcome, too. Just because the room is hosted on IM Ladies, doesn’t mean only ladies can come to this chat.
  • All marketers are welcome. Just because the time is convenient for Europeans, doesn’t mean you have to be a European to come to this chat
  • We are Professionals. Chat can be a lot of fun, but as professionals, we try to keep our conversations ‘above the belt’, if not necessarily all about marketing.

When and Where

We meet every Saturday, from 9:00 pm GMT until 1:00am GMT. We always start on time, but we have been know to let out early.

To login, go here:

And while you’re there, take a moment to sign up for our weekly reminder. You have my promise that this list will only be used to send you reminders for this chat. We do have paid sponsors, and the email will include the link(s) to those sponsors under my signature.

About Paid Sponsors

We will have one or two paid sponsors each month. These are companies or individuals who are interested in earning your business and have agreed to pay a minimal fee for that exposure.

Would you like to be a paid sponsor? Just send me a quick note via the Contact page, and I’ll let you know what the price and availability are.

See You There

We are all looking forward to meeting you. So stop by and introduce yourself, and stick around for the discussion. See you there.

Anita Cross


  1. Thanks for hosting the chats Anita! They’re a great way to network and socialize at the same time. So nice to actually talk to some of the people doing internet marketing and discuss ideas etc…

    • I’m happy to be able to do it, Lee. So far, it’s been a lot of fun. And having the ‘unsinkable’ Brian McLeod join us last week was a blast! I’ve got video! You can expect to that uploaded to YouTube this week.

      See you next Saturday.

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