Getting Started Online: Investing Time And Money.

Getting Started Online: Investing Time And Money.

Recently, one of the Divas received an email from a gentleman who was looking for some help getting started online. This man is a total stranger who found San through her YouTube channel, and wanted her to give him the benefit of her vast experience… All for free.

It’s really hard to take such emails seriously. If you’re walking down the street, and a homeless man begs you for a dollar or two to buy something to eat, you might feel some compassion for him, and hand over a couple of bucks. Maybe.

On the other hand…

Imagine if a clean and sober man were to approach you and asked you to drive him to his job interview tomorrow, in another state–oh and, by the way, he can’t afford to pay you for the gas. Would you even consider it? Remember, this is a total stranger.

Here is the gist of the email San received:

I found your website through your YouTube channel while researching how to find a good niche for Amazon products. Are you an Amazon Associate, and are you making any money with it?

I want to see if I can earn a little extra money every week by building a number of mini stores around a niche.

What do you use for keyword research? What do I need to do for SEO to rank well with the search engines and so on.

I would appreciate this for free, if you could, as I do not have any extra money to get started.

He then said how very much he appreciated any help she could give him, thanked her for her time, and went on to say he was looking forward to a response from her.

I don’t know what her response was, aside from the fact she did respond and directed him to her blog. However, his email hit a nerve, so I wrote a response of my own to share with the readers here.

Dear Sir,

I wish I could help you for free, however, I do not have any extra time I can afford to give away. While you are looking for a little extra money each week, I support myself and my family by being paid to help others get started with their businesses online.

I will tell you this: Any successful business requires a commitment of time and money. The less money you have to invest, the more time you will need to invest, as you will be doing for yourself what you cannot afford to pay others to do for you.

The answers to your questions are all available for free online. You just need to do the research, which you’ve demonstrated you can do, as you found me while doing research.

People who make their living online are not going to be willing to hold your hand for free, but many of them have posted in forums and have blogs, where they post the very information you are looking for.

But make no mistake, getting started online will require an investment of money, as well. Each website will required a registered domain name, and you will need to pay to host your site(s) on someone’s web server.

That is the least you can expect to pay, but there will be other costs as you go along.

It will take much longer to get your online business going, when you don’t have the money to hire some help, but it can be done.

I wish you the best of luck.


Now, the fact of the matter is, that advice is dead on. The people with the skills to succeed online, are people who have worked hard to learn those skills. They’ve made their share of mistakes, and learned from them. And they won’t take too kindly to being asked to share those skills for free, no matter how politely.

Not that the successful are stingy with that information. Anyone interested can find out whatever they need to know by doing research on Google. Successful online entrepreneurs will be active in one or more forums, most likely have a blog or two, may even have interviews posted on authority sites. And, of course, many will have videos on YouTube, like our own Diva, Cenay Nailor.

So if you are one of the many who want to try your hand at an online business, you should be prepared to invest both time and money into your new business. And don’t expect one-on-one hand-holding… er, coaching… for free.


Anita Cross

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