Internet Marketing – Not to Be Confused With An Online Business

Internet Marketing – Not to Be Confused With An Online Business

As much as you try and tell people that Internet Marketing is nothing more than marketing online, they still have a hard time coming to terms with it. It seems the world and his dog consider Internet Marketing to mean ‘online business’.

But Internet Marketing is not an online business. It’s just another way for you to market your business. Of course, you can choose to setup an online business. And many people do, very successfully.

The beauty of setting up an online business is that it offers soooooooo many benefits which you don’t get if you set up a business out there in the real world of bricks and mortar.

  • Global Customer Base – yep, the world is your oyster when it comes to selling your stuff online. Sticking an ad in your local newspaper might get you in front of a few thousand eyeballs. Sticking an ad on the Internet, gets you in front of, well, a lot more, lol.
  • Cheap Advertising – for the price of a one time ad in your local newspaper, you can have your very own website, up and running, promoting you and your services/products, every single day.
  • Low Startup Costs – where else other than the Internet could you set up a business for less than a tenner? (that’s about $15 if you’re not British lol) Register a domain and set up a hosting account and you’re good to go. Try setting up a shop in your local high street and see how far your tenner goes!
  • Less Red Tape – of course the Internet still has regulations, (and it’s a good job too!), but compared to local byelaws, planning permissions, building regulations, etc, you are onto a winner. For the most part, you can handle everything you need to by yourself. No need to hire a lawyer to translate the legalspeak into plain English!
  • No Employees Needed – the only employee you need is your website. And it doesn’t take meal breaks or holidays. Think how much you’ll save not only by not having to pay wages, but also not having to pay someone to manage your payrolls. And that’s without all the additional headaches of dealing with staff. Of course, you might very well outsource some work related to your business but this tends to be on the basis that the person you’re outsourcing to is self employed. You pay a fixed rate for a certain job and that’s it.
  • No Boss – except for yourself. :) Unfortunately, this is why a lot of people struggle with running an online business for themselves. Without someone standing over them, telling them what to do, they have a tendency to just not do anything at all. Not good. But that’s the same whether you have your business online or not. If you’re the boss, you have to discipline yourself to do the work. If you don’t, you don’t make any money and you go out of business.

But whether you choose to setup an online business, or whether you have an offline business, remember that ‘internet marketing’ is just another way of getting the word out about it. It is not, of and in itself, the actual business.

Internet Marketing Models

Once you’ve decided to market your business online, you have a few different marketing models to choose from. Which way you decide to go will depend on a couple of different things.

  • Cost – how much can you afford to pay out in order to market your business?
  • Skills – what skills do you have (or are willing to learn)?
  • Time – how much of it do you have? More time than money?

To be honest, whichever option you choose, it’s probably going to take a combination of all three. Sad but true.

For example, if you want to advertise using paid models such as Google Adwords, you’ll still need to have certain skills, (such as coming up with compelling ads) and a certain amount of time to keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing so that you can adjust the settings in order to get the best ROI. Just throwing a boatload of money at an Adwords campaign will only make Google rich(er).

By the same token, if  you opt to use a free marketing model such as ‘article marketing’, you have to factor in the cost of your time in writing articles. And if you’re not a skillful writer, how long will it take you to learn? Would you be better off paying someone else to write those articles for you?

Don’t confuse ‘Internet Marketing’ with ‘Online Business’. They are two very different things. One requires you to be a business owner, the other requires you to be a marketer. Both can be done online (the Internet part), or offline, (the Marketing part). Or, of course, you can combine the two. :)

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