It May Be Internet Marketing But You Still Need to Look Your Best

It May Be Internet Marketing But You Still Need to Look Your Best

You might think what with marketing on the Internet, and all the stuff you read about working in your pj’s, that it doesn’t matter what you look like. Well, it does. Admittedly it might not matter so much what you look like personally, but the image you put in front of the world counts. A lot.

Now, given the fact this site is going to be overrun with women, getting the right look that suits each IM Lady, is not going to be an easy task. Damn, I’m already on the 3rd theme and there’s no guarantee this will be the final one.

And we don’t even have all the ladies lined up yet! This could be better than the horse of a different colour Dorothy. :)

Anyway, just want you to be warned ahead of time that things may change and just because you come back one day and it looks different, DO NOT PANIC.

Think of it as kind of like Google. If she can change her algorithm on a daily basis, we can change the look of this place to fit in with whatever mood happens to strike as right on the day.

Who knows? Maybe changing themes regularly could turn out to be the missing SEO trick that gets your sites ranked on page one and keeps them there. Keeping Google guessing as to just what the hell she should show as the ‘cached’ image might just be enough to make her think there’s something really special going on with the content as well. (which of course, there will be, but don’t tell her that. It can be our little secret. :))

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