The Power of LinkBuilding

The Power of LinkBuilding

First up, I have a confession to make. I hate linkbuilding. With a passion. Boring, boring, boring.

Alas, links are what makes the Internet go round. Think of them as kind of like the ‘loose lips’ of the Internet. talking lipsGossip Mongerers, telling us about everything that’s happening out there in the big wide world.

Without them, how would we ever find anything? How would the Internet find us? (Ok, that makes my brain hurt. Forget I asked that.)

Suffice to say, that if you want anyone to find you, or your website on the Internet, then you’re going to have to get some links on some other websites, that point back to your website.

This has two benefits:

  1. People visiting the other website learn about your website and might come visit you.
  2. Search engines visiting the other website learn about your website and will come visit you.

Let’s deal with people first.

People and Links

Ever turn on your computer to kill a few minutes while you’re waiting for dinner and then find yourself still there several hours later? Yeah? (I’m so glad I’m not alone)

Wanna know how it happens? It’s pretty simple really.

You visit your favourite website, maybe it’s YouTube, maybe it’s Mashable, maybe it’s your local car dealership… doesn’t matter which one it is. The chances are that while you’re there, you find some interesting snippet of information, but you have to click a link to read the rest of it.


click here button

So you click.

And when you click, you end up on another website. Which also has some interesting stuff on it. And more links.

And all these links lead you to all these places you’ve never been before. And then, BAM, dinners cold, and you’re in the doghouse for spending so much time ‘messing around’ on the Internet.

Search Engines and Links

Unlike you, search engines have nothing better to do than follow links all day (and all night) long. The more links they can consume in a day the better they feel. They don’t have to stop for dinner, or spend time with their families, or sleep, or eat, or, well, anything really.

Of course, search engines aren’t human. So when it comes to deciding whether a particular link is good or bad, they have to resort to geeky stuff. Like algorithms.

Nobody knows for sure (except for the folks who code the algorithms) exactly how each search engine’s algorithm works. And they ain’t telling. :)

When they find a link they run it through their algorithm to decide if t’s worth including in their search results, exactly where it should appear in those results, and for what keyword(s).

Quality or Quantity

debating linkbuildingSo you’ve built your site and now you want to start building links so that everyone can find it. Do you go out and build a hundred links a day, using whatever automated spamming tool you can lay your hands on?

Or do you focus on finding high quality, related websites and linking manually from them?

Or do you mix it up and do both?

AAAGGGHHHH! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Actually, the decision isn’t that hard to make. Or it shouldn’t be.

Quality wins every time. Just as it does with your content. Nobody likes crap. Search engines know this, so crap links don’t hold much weight with them.

You’ll do much better with one high quality link from a relevant, authority website, than you will with a hundred crummy forum profiles.

I’ll let you into a little secret.

One of my niche sites recently recieved a link from Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. If I did, I’d be out there rinsing and repeating like it was going out of fashion. :)

But Cracked is a very reputable, high ranking site. As a result, my site jumped up in the rankings overnight and recieved a month’s worth of visitors in less than 24 hours.

That’s the power of a good quality backlink.

Besides, we’ve already discussed the fact that linkbuilding is boring. So the less links you have to build the better as far as I’m concerned.

Outsourcing Linkbuilding

Just as a final note, be very wary of outsourcing your backlinking efforts. In 99% of cases, you’ll find the backlinks they build are done so using automated spam posting software, the links will be nothing more than profile links on crummy forums that nobody has ever heard of (including the search engines).

If you’re lucky, all that will happen is you’ll lose some money and your website will occupy the same position in the search engines as it did previously. If you’re not so lucky, losing the money will be the least of your worries!

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