Welcome to IM Ladies.com.

Have you noticed how all the Internet Marketing ‘gurus’ are fellas? Think Kern, Filsaime, Jenkins et al. Well, we ladies decided to get together and show you there are just as many successful female marketers out there. The only difference is, we don’t have the egos on show. (sorry guys, but you know how it is :))

Why a whole bunch of us?

Simple. We want IM Ladies to be the number one authority on all things related to Internet Marketing and unfortunately, (unlike the fellas) none of us as individuals knows everything there is to know. :(

Rather than provide you with half the story, or make you go from site to site to learn all you need to know, we intend to put it all here. No more searching the Internet or jumping from bookmark to bookmark to find out how to create amazing graphics, how to build a targeted list, how to drive traffic, how to create with wordpress, how to SEO your site,… nope, everything you need to know about Internet Marketing will be available in one place.

See, we like things to be organised around here. Makes life easier for us and easier for you.

Of course, at the moment we are a work in progress. But there’s a lesson in itself for ya. Rome wasn’t built in a day, this site will not be built in a day… and you won’t turn into a successful Internet Marketer by this time tomorrow. :)